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Vinyl Sheet Flooring

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Vinyl sheet flooring has come a long way! Today's designs are stylish, high-performing, and budget-friendly. 
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Vinyl sheet flooring (also known as vinyl rolls, sheet vinyl or resilient flooring) has evolved into a stylish, high-performing, budget-friendly alternative for wood, stone and tile. Both practical and beautiful, modern vinyl sheet flooring has a seamless visual throughout large or small spaces and offers exceptional warmth, comfort and sound absorption in the home.

Why Choose Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

Today’s high-quality vinyl sheet flooring is a far cry from the unconvincing vinyl rolls your grandmother once had in her home. Due to recent advancements in flooring technology, vinyl sheet flooring has transformed into an affordable, functional and incredibly stylish flooring option in any level of your home.

Beautiful, versatile and easy to maintain, vinyl sheet flooring is a standout choice for those looking to update their home for less.

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